Different Roofing Styles and their Advantages and Disadvantages 

     The roofing style of our house is a very important component of our homes, it dictates the look of our house from the outside, and it also dictates the structure of our interiors. When planning for our house, it is smart to start off with the style of our roof, and then everything else follows. 

     Choosing the right roofing style, however, is hard and can be a headache; there are many out there, and it can be confusing to choose. You need not worry though because, with a little background knowledge, you can distinguish and identify the style that you like. To help you, here is a list of different roofing styles and their advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. Mansard Roof

Mansard roof, which is described as the French roof, has four sides and each side have two slopes, the lower slope is much steeper than the one above. These four sides can be curves, or it can be flat, depending on your choice. 

The main advantage of mansard roof is the structure of the two slopes in the sides of the roof, it creates more living space in the interiors of your home. You can construct a spacious attic up above, or you can additional rooms for your guests or storage. 

The disadvantage of mansard roofing style is that it costs more money than the more common roofing styles like gable or hip roofs. It also needs elaborate designing and it can costs you more because you will tend to build more rooms inside. Mansard roofs are also not a good weather resistant roof, it is susceptible to damage from heavy rains and snow. 

  1. Gambrel Roof

The next type of roofing style is the gambrel roof, which is commonly described as barn roof. This type of roof is commonly utilized in buildings like log cabins, farm houses; but it can also be seen in houses that has Georgian and Dutch styles as well. Gambrel roof is almost the same as the mansard roof, it has two slopes in its sides, the difference though, is that gambrel roofs have only two sides instead of 4.  

The advantage of gambrel roof is that like mansard roofs, it provides more space in the inside, you can build an extra loft, attic, or rooms. The advantage of gambrel over mansard roof is that gambrel is easier and cheaper to make, it is because it has only two sides. 

The main disadvantage gambrel roof is that it is not very sturdy and strong. If you use this roofing style and you are in a place where it snows heavily, the roof might not be able to handle the pressure of the weight, and it can collapse.  

  1. Flat Roof

The flat roof is one of the more widely used roofing styles today. It is commonly used in commercial buildings, but it is also utilized houses that have modernistic designs.  

The main advantage of flat roofs is that you can use the top of your house and transform it into another structure or component, like a mini garden or a penthouse that is partially enclosed. The main disadvantage of this roofing is that snow will be very difficult to remove and it will require your effort to do it. If you want this type of roofing, you can visit the website 


Things to Consider When Hiring Auto Transport Services 

Regardless if you are planning to have your vehicle shipped to another state or even to another country, it’s important to find a shipping company that has a lot of relevant experience and skills within the auto transport industry. While it’s a given that you should compare the shipping costs, there are some other things that you have to consider as you select?car shipping Murrieta, CA. Listed below are a few vital factors that you need to consider as you search for a car shipping company: 

Delivery and pickup options 

What type of services does the shipping company provide for car pick-ups? As soon as the car arrives, will they drop it off for you? It’s best to discuss with your dispatcher in advance to know where they can pick up and drop off your car.? 

Decide if you want to opt for closed or open shipping 

There are two kinds of shipping when safely transporting cars, one is closed shipping and the other is open shipping.? 

When it comes to open shipping, the vehicle will be transported without anything that covers it. On the contrary, your vehicle will be covered if you opt for closed shipping.?? 

Meaning, open shipping exposes your car to debris and harsh weather, whereas closed shipping will keep it protected from the elements.? 

It’s only reasonable that closed shipping is a more costly option. But, when you have a luxury car or you don’t want to risk getting your car damaged along the way, it’s definitely worth considering.? 

Ensure that their auto transport company is registered 

You have to verify that your car is handled by the right people. To make sure, you can check the state-specific documents and the federal license of the company that you’re hiring. You also need to know more about their safety record. When they fail to give you any important documentation, then know that it’s a major red flag. So, you need to find another company who can ensure your car’s safety.? 

Any extra charges and hidden costs 

Particular shipping companies will deal with their fees in various ways. Others will provide you all of the fees you need to pay upfront once you obtain a quote, while some may have extra charges and hidden costs. So, before you commit, make sure to check all of the costs and ask if you want more clarifications.? 

Shipping insurance 

Ensure that your chosen auto transport company is bonded and insured. That means that when the driver, the vehicle, or both get into an accident, then you are covered and you don’t have to pay for anything. Take note that a lot of car insurers do not cover a vehicle being shipped. Hence, you need to know more about the company’s shipping insurance policy.? 

Read testimonials and reviews 

Know what other people think about their offered services by reading the testimonials and reviews provided by their past clients. Doing so can give you an idea of whether a particular company is reliable or not.? 




Treating Your Dog with Some Health Problems

It is very hard to tell if our dogs and pets are sick or when they are not feeling well and in the mood. It will give us the most difficult part of knowing what is happening and how we can help them to get better as soon as possible. Another thing that we don’t want to happen to our dogs is that they are going to have the cataracts in their eyes. It may be visible because of the color and the structure of it like a cloudy form of candy that is inside the eyes of your dog.

When you don’t know what to do, it is better to seek the help of those professional people as this will help you to worry less. Others would love to get to know more about the condition of their pet. They could find ways in order to help the dog and the worst thing sometimes is that you need to consider having surgery for them. You still need to be cautious even after the operation to ensure that your pet would get the needed attention and have the best result after it.

Others would try to give their dogs some CBD for dogs as they know that this one will be helpful in maintaining the health of their animals. It has contents that will ensure the continuous supply of the vitamins and minerals that they need to absorb in order to stay healthier all the way. Making your dog healthy will prevent them from having serious diseases and this will save you a lot of money. At the same time, you can get away from that kind of situation where you need to worry most of the time.

If you are that kind of owner that is willing to spend more money and no need to think about other things. Then you can bring them to the vet which is reputable. The vet can recommend some supplements and vitamins that your dog need to take. Make sure that you will give them on time so that they can be better sooner. Making mistakes when giving that one will result to in no effectivity of the medicine.

You can try to search things on the internet now. This will help you understand the thoughts of the cataract and how to manage this one with a simple step only. It is good that you will ask your friends as well as they might have some experiences dealing with this kind of problem.

If they are suffering now and you don’t want to consider the surgery as of now because of the money matters, then you should make them feel good. Try to do the same thing every single day to them. You should not change the time that they are eating their meal and even the time for walking outside the property. There are some eyedrops that may work on your dogs but you still need to observe this one well to avoid problems.


Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglars

We all get busy with something most of the time, causing us to get distracted and overlooking our homes. Hence, it’s important to take initiative to guarantee that our homes are secured and burglar-proof whenever we are in our homes or even if we are on a vacation. To do this, check out the following easy tips to secure your house: 

Keep your important belonging out of sight 

You should never show off your valuable things. Meaning, you have to make sure that the easy-to-grab items, bikes, or tools observed in your outdoors are kept safe in the garage or locked up whenever you don’t use them. For your indoors, take advantage of window treatments like blinds or curtains to keep passers-by from sighting your house. In the same way, you need to put away valuable items if you are not using them.? 

Update your locks 

Your locks must regularly be updated. If possible, perform an inventory check to know whether your have damaged locks, you have exterior locks that can be bumped, jimmied, or picked up easily, or you have extra keys floating around with strangers. Once you most likely get yes as answers to this checklist, now is the time to have your locks replaced or at least re-keyed with more tamper-proof versions. To begin, guarantee that all of your exterior doors have deadbolts with ANSI Grade 2 or Grade 1. 

Utilize motion-sensing lights outside and inside 

Make your typical lights turn it into motion sensor lights by installing a motion detection adapter within a usual socket and bulb or by replacing it with a motion-sensing light bulb. If placed outdoors, they will place a spotlight on anyone who tries to scope out your home. The spotlight’s visibility might be sufficient to discourage potential intruders. As soon as they get inside, the motion-sensing lights indoor will make it more challenging for them to move around unnoticed.? 

Always lock your windows and doors 

As the old saying goes— “Good habits never die.” According to statistics about home burglary, it displays that a lot of burglars are simply on the lookout for targets that seem too easy to deal with. In fact, the majority of break-ins take place at daytime –between 10 to 3 P.M), which can usually be finished within 8 to 10 min. 24 percent of thieves gain access using windows on the first floor while 35 percent enter the front door. This only means that burglars are searching for properties that can easily be accessed and those that appear to be empty. Hence, if you don’t use them, even if you are at home, make sure to lock your windows and doors. Consult a certified?locksmith Newcastle?today.? 

Reinforce locks, doors, hardware, and windows 

Regardless of how solid and promising your locks are, it will become useless if your hardware, doors, or windows are flimsy and weak. A well-placed kick or slam could let someone in within a couple of seconds. Check all entry points, particularly those placed on the 1st floor, and reinforce, replace, or repair them if necessary.? 



6 Weapon-Based Martial Arts in the World

Traditional martial arts include taekwondo, karate, kung fu, etc., but now, some types have branched out from these martial arts including the Ving Tsun of Kung Fu Club Washington, as well as Tai Chi, Krav maga, and many more. In fact, there have been martial arts that use weapons such as the fencing, Gatka, Bojutso, and others. In this article, we will provide you some of the weapon-based martial arts practiced today.  


This martial art, which was also known as Kali or Arnis, originated in the Philippines and uses sticks and blades as the weapon. The techniques of this martial art were dated back to 200 B.C and have played an important role in the Filipino culture.  


When the Spanish colonized the Philippines, they tried to ban this martial art and forced the Filipinos to use rattan. Over time, the Filipinos became accustomed to using wooden that they were able to make good techniques our of wooden sticks.  


2.Siljun Dobup 

This Korean martial art, which was influenced by the Japanese culture, uses a sword as a way of fighting. Fighters need to develop breathing, flexibility, ki, and the control of strength. The amateur starts with a wooden sword at hand until they are capable of holding from a blunt metal sword to a sharp one. This martial art has mixes of Japanese koryu Toyama-Ryu and Nakamura-Ryu and Korean Bonguk Geombup and Chosun Sebup.  


This martial art focuses on controlling the mind and becoming one with it through letting go of self like water flowing freely.  



Kendo originates from Japan and uses the sword as a weapon. If wood or bamboo is used, it is referred to as Shinai or Bokken. Individuals who practice this sport are called Kendoka or Kneshi and used some principles of Katana. The Kendoka are taught different techniques before the sparring with an opponent. They will be scored with the following criteria such as the strikes and their accuracy, as well as the misstep in each execution of the techniques.  



Fencing originated from Spain and is known all over the world up until today. Its history dates back to the time where men used weapons in duels for self-defense. The Italians and French revived the enthusiastic approach to the martial art and was later spread by Spain through colonisations. 



Gatka started in India, which also uses a sword as a weapon, was used during the Sikh wars. Its origin was the Shastar Vidya and now played with a wooden stick that functions as the sword. Like the Siljun Dobup of Korea, its focus is to unite the mind and the body which is called Miri Piri. It was outlawed during the British settlement but was, later on, revived after India gained independence. Today, it is practiced by modern Indians using a variety of weapons like tegh, talwar, and others.  


Other martial arts that use weapons include the Krabi-Krabong of Thailand, Kumdo of Korea, the Nunchaku Do of Holland, Mau Rakau of New Zealand, and the Kobudo of Okinawa, Japan.