Things to Consider When Hiring Auto Transport Services 

Regardless if you are planning to have your vehicle shipped to another state or even to another country, it’s important to find a shipping company that has a lot of relevant experience and skills within the auto transport industry. While it’s a given that you should compare the shipping costs, there are some other things that you have to consider as you select?car shipping Murrieta, CA. Listed below are a few vital factors that you need to consider as you search for a car shipping company: 

Delivery and pickup options 

What type of services does the shipping company provide for car pick-ups? As soon as the car arrives, will they drop it off for you? It’s best to discuss with your dispatcher in advance to know where they can pick up and drop off your car.? 

Decide if you want to opt for closed or open shipping 

There are two kinds of shipping when safely transporting cars, one is closed shipping and the other is open shipping.? 

When it comes to open shipping, the vehicle will be transported without anything that covers it. On the contrary, your vehicle will be covered if you opt for closed shipping.?? 

Meaning, open shipping exposes your car to debris and harsh weather, whereas closed shipping will keep it protected from the elements.? 

It’s only reasonable that closed shipping is a more costly option. But, when you have a luxury car or you don’t want to risk getting your car damaged along the way, it’s definitely worth considering.? 

Ensure that their auto transport company is registered 

You have to verify that your car is handled by the right people. To make sure, you can check the state-specific documents and the federal license of the company that you’re hiring. You also need to know more about their safety record. When they fail to give you any important documentation, then know that it’s a major red flag. So, you need to find another company who can ensure your car’s safety.? 

Any extra charges and hidden costs 

Particular shipping companies will deal with their fees in various ways. Others will provide you all of the fees you need to pay upfront once you obtain a quote, while some may have extra charges and hidden costs. So, before you commit, make sure to check all of the costs and ask if you want more clarifications.? 

Shipping insurance 

Ensure that your chosen auto transport company is bonded and insured. That means that when the driver, the vehicle, or both get into an accident, then you are covered and you don’t have to pay for anything. Take note that a lot of car insurers do not cover a vehicle being shipped. Hence, you need to know more about the company’s shipping insurance policy.? 

Read testimonials and reviews 

Know what other people think about their offered services by reading the testimonials and reviews provided by their past clients. Doing so can give you an idea of whether a particular company is reliable or not.? 



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