6 Weapon-Based Martial Arts in the World

Traditional martial arts include taekwondo, karate, kung fu, etc., but now, some types have branched out from these martial arts including the Ving Tsun of Kung Fu Club Washington, as well as Tai Chi, Krav maga, and many more. In fact, there have been martial arts that use weapons such as the fencing, Gatka, Bojutso, and others. In this article, we will provide you some of the weapon-based martial arts practiced today.  


This martial art, which was also known as Kali or Arnis, originated in the Philippines and uses sticks and blades as the weapon. The techniques of this martial art were dated back to 200 B.C and have played an important role in the Filipino culture.  


When the Spanish colonized the Philippines, they tried to ban this martial art and forced the Filipinos to use rattan. Over time, the Filipinos became accustomed to using wooden that they were able to make good techniques our of wooden sticks.  


2.Siljun Dobup 

This Korean martial art, which was influenced by the Japanese culture, uses a sword as a way of fighting. Fighters need to develop breathing, flexibility, ki, and the control of strength. The amateur starts with a wooden sword at hand until they are capable of holding from a blunt metal sword to a sharp one. This martial art has mixes of Japanese koryu Toyama-Ryu and Nakamura-Ryu and Korean Bonguk Geombup and Chosun Sebup.  


This martial art focuses on controlling the mind and becoming one with it through letting go of self like water flowing freely.  



Kendo originates from Japan and uses the sword as a weapon. If wood or bamboo is used, it is referred to as Shinai or Bokken. Individuals who practice this sport are called Kendoka or Kneshi and used some principles of Katana. The Kendoka are taught different techniques before the sparring with an opponent. They will be scored with the following criteria such as the strikes and their accuracy, as well as the misstep in each execution of the techniques.  



Fencing originated from Spain and is known all over the world up until today. Its history dates back to the time where men used weapons in duels for self-defense. The Italians and French revived the enthusiastic approach to the martial art and was later spread by Spain through colonisations. 



Gatka started in India, which also uses a sword as a weapon, was used during the Sikh wars. Its origin was the Shastar Vidya and now played with a wooden stick that functions as the sword. Like the Siljun Dobup of Korea, its focus is to unite the mind and the body which is called Miri Piri. It was outlawed during the British settlement but was, later on, revived after India gained independence. Today, it is practiced by modern Indians using a variety of weapons like tegh, talwar, and others.  


Other martial arts that use weapons include the Krabi-Krabong of Thailand, Kumdo of Korea, the Nunchaku Do of Holland, Mau Rakau of New Zealand, and the Kobudo of Okinawa, Japan.